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JPhotoGeoTagger - An pure Java and open soorce photo geotagging tool

About JPhotoGeoTagger ^




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Parameters ^

  --JPEG=<photo file> - the image to be tagged with existing EXIF header, e.g. sample.jpg 
  --GPX=<gps track> - the GPS track input containig coordinates and time stamps
  --TimeShift=<time> - e.g. 2d4h3m
  --maxTimeDelta=<time> - e.g. 5m
  --useModifyTime - flag to use file modify date instead of the date from EXIF header 
  --writeGPStoImage=true - true or false
  --textPosition= <constant> - e.g. TOP_LEFT or BOTTOM_RIGHT
  --textFont= <font name> - e.g. Arial
  --textSize= <font size> - e.g. 12
  --textRed=, --textGreen=, textBlue= <number> - e.g. 230

Other Parameters:

  --DebugLevel=[0-5] - sets the debug level to use, the higher the more debug output you will get
  --force=true - disables some sanity / security checks 
  --Overwrite=false - leaves copies of the modified images on the disk

Usage and examples ^

See JPhotoGeoTaggerUsage.

Download ^

The downloads contain a jar file, a manual and some docs. The '..._complete' version contains the source code too.

This is a release candidate. As such it may still contain some bugs, and is not yet fully tested. Use at your own risk (-;

History ^

Release plan ^

Bugs and limitations ^

There are currently following bugs or limitations known:

Feature suggestions ^

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