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Peter Sommerlad ( ) programs in C++ since 1989. He co-developed IDEs for C++ and other languages in the early 1990s and currently supports Eclipse CDT with his team of assistants and students. In the past years, Peter created the C++ testing framework CUTE (C++ Unit Testing Easier) and a corresponding Eclipse CDT plug-in ( ). As a Pattern aficionado, Peter is co-author of Pattern-oriented Software Architecture Vol.1 - A System of Patterns and Security Patterns and supports other pattern authors through his shepherding activities ( ).

Professor Sommerlad is head of IFS Institute for Software at HSR university of applied sciences in Rapperswil, Switzerland since 2004 where he teaches modern C++, agile software engineering, design, architecture and Patterns. His research goal is "Decremental Development", reducing code size of existing systems to 10% while improving their design. To help others approaching this goal, he develops tools, e.g., for automated refactoring and unit testing, with his students and assistants. After graduating in 1990 from J.W.-Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany, Peter worked for Siemens Corporate Research until 1997. Then he headed to Switzerland to lead a small development team programming in C++ at itopia in Zurich. In May 2000 Peter got leukemia diagnosed. That illness was treated in the following years and is cured today. This forced break from work, made him consider other career directions, that resulted in his current position.

In addition to programming and writing, Peter is a fan of alpine skiing, both active and passive and likes driving through Swiss alps with the BMWs his wife generously provides.

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