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On this page we can gather the topics for each week, so we get an overview what to teach when.

weeklecture topicteachertopic-areacomments
01FeedbackTechniques (code & document review)KrmSE method
02AgileDevelopment1 (planing&organization) meea SE method Material von Lothar Mueller!
03AgileDevelopment2 (examples: SCRUM) meeaSE methodKen Schwaber, Scrum
04ProjectTypesAndPersonnel project types: size vs criticality, team roles/staffing/culture meeaSE method
05ContinuousRequirementsManagement (Ongoing Requirements) meeaSE method
06RoleOfTheSoftwareArchitect SOMArchitectureStarke Software Architekt altes Material SOM
07 InterfaceDesign & Contracts & Modules & Components SOMArchitecture neu?
08 ArchitecturePatterns (POSA 1,2+4) SOM Architecture
09XUnitTestPatterns SOM Evolution Material SOM
10 SoftwareQualityMetrics Analysis - Quality Metrics & Visualization Krm ArchitectureBass, Software Architecture
11IntroSoftwareEvolution Processes, Maintenance, Change Krm Evolution Intro, LehmannLawsOfSoftwareEvolution
12Legacy Systems - Changing & ImprovingCodeByRefactoring KrmEvolution
13Legacy Systems - AddingTests Krm Evolution
14SystematicDebuggingAndBugTracking / bug trackingSOMEvolution why programs fail, Material SOM/Web

Things not covered ^

Q&A ^

  1. Are we focussing on practical issues (applied se) or rather on the theoretical background and leave the application to the MRU's? E.g. we can teach "best practices on software development" or we can teach why these practices are good (theory behind it)?

  1. Should we explicitly differentiate our content / style from ETH / Uni?

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SEAWeekly Overview
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